About our company

Vamvalis Foods is one of the most trusted certified private label nuts, seeds & bars manufacturing partners in Europe. We produce over 170 million units per year at our extensive factory grounds close to the international port of Thessaloniki, Greece. By using this expertise, we developed and launched 3 innovative and unique product lines: Pellito, Instabar and Terrabites.


History & Tradition

Our company was founded in 1970 following a longstanding food trading history in the city of Thessaloniki. With an eye on innovation and quality, and the passion for customer satisfaction, the business has been thriving and expanding ever since. 

Today the company has been formed into a Greek-Dutch partnership.

Both partners share the same ambition for quality and sustainable growth. We have a focus on national and international expansion and we are strategically located near the port. A win-win situation!  

Core Values

At Vamvalis Foods, we care deeply about long term, satisfying partnerships with our clients.





Our teams are kind, committed and always just one phonecall, text or email away. This availability is repeated in effortless production scale-ups for our industrial private label clients, flexibility for smaller companies and our surprisingly fast R&D sampling process!

In-depth knowledge of the competitive landscape is another trademark of our company. State your target price or idea, and we’ll put our minds to work to create nutritious, convenient and trend-driven products & packaging that will stand out from the crowd and impress consumers.

Our market-ready formulas combine all the goodness this Earth has to offer, while sourced from certified, ethical & locally represented agriculture business. Not only does this enhance our products’ flavour, but it preserves our planet for future generations.

Our People

The people at Vamvalis Foods are deeply committed to delivering high-quality products every day. Our planning, logistics & quality control professionals ensure efficient, scalable and rapid production, while our workfloor heroes make it happen. Many are family and friends, leading to some highly entertaining Friday afternoon soccer games, staff dinners and an atmosphere that is both hardworking and joyful.


Vamvalis Foods operates near Kalohori, in Thessaloniki, Greece. Our offices are located right next to our production site.

If you want to become a member of a dynamic company that aims towards responsible and sustainable growth, please submit your CV.

News & Upcoming Events

The Sweets & Snacks Expo is a can’t-miss event for thousands of confectionery and snack retailers, manufacturers and suppliers for a reason – here you’ll find all the product innovations, insights and industry connections you need to build a world-class in-store or online experience that will delight your shoppers.
PLMA’s annual “World of Private Label” International Trade Show is organised by the Private Label Manufacturers Association, which represents more than 4,000 member manufacturers around the globe. With offices in New York and Amsterdam, PLMA is the largest association of its kind, devoted exclusively to the promotion of private label.
FOOD EXPO is the largest international Food & Beverage trade show ever organized in Greece!
HORECA, which will be organized February 10-13, will once again be the leading trade meeting for the Hospitality and Catering sectors.

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