Research & development

With nutritional health and superfoods on the rise, we specialize in trendsetting and (re-)creating original flavours. Our in-house nutritionists and food experts design custom products that fit your brand and most selective consumers. Long-lasting trusted partnerships with our clients are the foundation of the company and our Research & Development department deeply supports these. Let’s conceptualize, design and launch delicious future-proof products that help you stay competitive in the marketplace!


We source our appetizing nuts, seeds, dried fruits, spices and binding ingredients from certified, high-quality partners across the globe.

Like them, we care about the environment and only collaborate with global agribusinesses that are locally present, empower farmers and give back to the community. As one of the largest organic bar manufacturers in Europe, our biologically sourced ingredients are of equal premium quality, selected by our certified international supply partner who locally trades in over 60 countries.


A stone’s throw away from Greece’s second largest international container port, Vamvalis Foods S.A. is located in the industrial district of Thessaloniki. Our climate-controlled factory premises consist of five main production, warehousing and logistics buildings that span a total surface area of 15.000 m2. The total factory grounds cover 6.000 m2 and our annual unit production exceeds 7000 tons.

We house a large variety of packaging capabilities, such as pillow bags, four corner bags, doypacks, tray packs and more. Our climate-controlled facilities are 100% gluten-free and follow strict standards in safety, hygiene and accessibility.


We are proud of the global food and industry standards we have acquired over the years.

Vamvalis Foods is IFS, SMETA, AIB, ISO 22000 and BCR certified, amongst others. We continually pass standards of announced and unannounced seasonal audits with flying colors and go the extra mile to acquire a particular certification you might need to partner with us. Our Quality Control team looks forward to tell you all about it.


In grocery retailing, looks matter.

Not only do consumers look for a logical experience in opening and using a product, they must also be attracted to the look & feel. At Vamvalis Foods, we know all about fresh, effective packaging! We’ll help you select the right format and collaborate on the packaging design with you, making sure you will stand out in the crowd.

Logistics & Shipping

Producing over 170 million units of bags & bars per year, we’re at full capacity to service Europe’s largest international retailers and distributors and can effortlessly scale up production.

Situated near a large-scale international trading hub, we have easy access to truck, airfreight and container shipping lines and can offer transport agreements under varying incoterms. Our grounds include multiple 40ft container truck loading points and we ship to over 30 countries worldwide, the majority destined for Europe.

By contrast – and unique to an industrial manufacturer – our boutique solutions allow us to start collaborations from pallet-sized minimum order quantities. You’re always welcome here!


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