Private Label

Packing under the name of some of the largest retailers and distributors on the continent, Vamvalis Foods is Europe’s trusted certified private label nuts, seeds & bars manufacturing partner. Our products range from ethically sourced ground & tree nuts, seeds and dried fruits to freshly manufactured organic bars & bites. You name it, we’ve got it.


We’ve been doing this for a while, so it’s no surprise we’ve got many popular market-ready formulas to choose from.

However, if you’re looking for a signature snack to impress consumers, why not meet up with one of our innovation specialists? With our design, production and packaging expertise, you’ll launch your next retail success in no time.


Our passionate R&D department is always focused on tomorrow’s most in-demand products. Chocolate or caramel covered, high-protein, organic, glucose, lactose & gluten free bars? No problem. Dry roasted, smoked or seasoned nuts in any flavour you desire? We are confident you will find your match!

Packaging & Design

Packaging options range from simple pillow bags and four-cornered seal bags to doy bags, A-PET trays and composite cans.

Bars are packed in single packs, multipacks, box multipacks, display boxes or portions. We take pride in our boutique approach that can cater to all your needs. We’re on top of trends and understand that looks matter. In fact, we care so deeply about your product standing out, we own an entire packaging department. We’d love to advise and collaborate on your brand’s most effective packaging design. We keep large stocks and can scale-up instantly, so consumers are never without their trusted product.

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